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"Ebanisteria Luca" is a company that was founded in 2006 by the Luca brothers. Located on the slopes of Mount Etna in an enchanting landscape between earth, sea and fire, it benefits of a mild and breezy climate that is excellent for aging and processing Teak. The craftsmanship is aimed at having maximum attention to detail. Born as carpenters they built their proficiency on the experience handed down by their old masters. They have made furniture, doors, windows and anything else that can be built with wood over decades. The nautical industry remains their main focus, infact with humility, commitment and passion they have managed to achieve excellent quality levels in the production of prefabricated teak decks. Aware of the material choice right from the purchase, they prefer to use only top quality teak logs. The mission of the company is to guarantee a high quality product through an excellent craftsmanship process.


here are just a few works designed and built by us

Other projects in progress / or already carried out

Work "keys in hand"

We will find the templates ourselves on site, then we will make the deck and return to the boat for assembly and finishing.

The teak we use is scrupulously controlled and tested by ourselves, in the country of origin, thus maintaining the raw material that meets the standards required by the nautical sector.


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